Santa Monica Airport

We are the Santa Monica Airport community website run by non-pilot residents in Santa Monica

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Get The Official Santa Monica Airport Jr. Aviator Logbook For Your Kids So They Can Learn Aviation at Santa Monica Airport

This book will inspire your kids to:

  • Have fun learning science through aviation
  • Visit Santa Monica Airport & record your visits
  • Learn the parts of an airplane and all about the airport
  • Read stories and interviews from real pilots and people who work at the airport
  • Learn the fascinating hidden history of this landmark 100 year old airport

Host your child's next birthday party at the Santa Monica Airport (and let their friends sit inside a plane)

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Here Are Our Latest Airport Updates on Instagram @SantaMonicaAir

Our events have inspired 3,000+ kids in Mar Vista, Venice, Culver City, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our airport creates 1,500 jobs and brings $245MM in business to the local community. Learn more about our history and join our mailing list to help support us.

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